An effective miner for mining cryptocurrencies. CGMiner uses the Noscript algorithm.
This allows you to increase the profitability of mining by generating an excellent hashrate.

Advantages of CGMiner

  • Free and open source software;
  • We do not require a commission for using the software;
  • A huge number of parameters for settings for any equipment;
  • Productive mining with the right settings;
  • Overclocking the cores of the video card and regulating the operation of coolers.

Technical requirements

Best of all, as practice has shown, CGMiner runs on Windows 7 64 bit. On Windows 10 or 8, performance is lower, on average, by 3-5% (depending on the encryption used). The program allows you to mine cryptocurrency simultaneously on 8 workers (that is, 8 video cards per base station). It is worth noting that the application does not work under 32-bit operating systems (due to low system performance and a limit of 2 gigabytes of RAM). And experienced manners claim that the so-called Cgminer is better suited for Radeon graphics cards than Nvidia. Their approximate performance according to the Script algorithm is as follows:

Video CardPerformance (kh/s)
Radeon 5970705
Radeon 6990775
R9 290623
R9 290X686
GeForce 750Ti245
GeForce 650Ti152

CGMiner is more optimized for Scrypt, with its help it is best to mine Litecoin. Only since version for the more popular SHA-256 algorithm has been added. It is important to note that Cgminer divides multi-chip video cards into 2 workers (in the case of 2 processors). Accordingly, when using such devices, the maximum limit is up to 4 adapters per station.